Girls With a Purpose Facilitators Manual

$150 +gst Workbook
You receive pdf handouts, an evaluation form and a Certificate of Attendance provided on the CD Rom for you to print.

Girls With A Purpose is a personal development and life skill program. It aims to support girls to develop healthy and authentic self-worth by strengthening their identity and sense of purpose.

The Facilitator’s Manual is a flexible step-by-step guide allowing teachers and youth workers to use the content in their own school or community setting.

The sessions offer participants the opportunity to develop a wide range of personal learning and group-work skills.

The eleven program sessions include:

I am a person of worth (identity);
I talk with love and forgiveness (communication);
I deserve honest and respectful relationships (healthy relationships);
I have a purpose and a destiny (goal planning).

Each session includes the objective of the session, the resources required and a description of the games and activities for the session.
The Facilitators Manual includes evaluation forms and a Certificate of Attendance that can be printed out and provided to participants.

The core competencies addressed in the program include:

Respecting and valuing yourself
Respecting others and working together
Having purpose and helping others
Being grateful
Having healthy responses and making good decisions

The program was written by Ruth Knight an experienced youth worker who has qualifications in adolescent health, counselling and business. Ruth works as a consultant and trainer.

A recent evaluation of a program run in a Queensland State High School showed that the program increased the confidence and life skills of the girls that completed the program. All of the girls stated that they now felt good about themselves, had better mental health, and had gained skills regarding making decisions, problem solving, joining in discussions and working in a group. All of the girls felt that they more positive about their future and that the program had made a difference to their life.

Other schools and organisations have completed evaluations and the feedback suggests that the program is highly successful.

To order the GWAP Manual, please contact or call the Ohana For Youth Head Office on (07) 5655 1850.
“Girls With A Purpose is a program that has real outcomes – you really do see results. I’ve been inundated with requests to run the program again.”
Jessica Hinchy, Intercept Youth and Family Service
“Girls With A Purpose is a wonderful resource for all school support teams. I highly recommend Girls With a Purpose to all Nurses, Youth Workers, Chaplains, Guidance Officers and Year Co-ordinators.”
Frances Colahan, School Based Youth Health Nurse