Ten Terrific Activities

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Ten Terrific Activities for Youth Workers & Teachers has been designed to help you engage and teach young people about themselves and the world they live in. Have fun!

The activities all take between 30-90 minutes. Each session plan includes the objectives, resources required and “how to play”. There are also debriefing questions and extra facts and recommended links to help you run the activity successfully.

All the activities are fun, interactive and aim to build the life skills, health and wellbeing of young people aged 13-25 years old.

Both male and female young people will enjoy these activities. They are designed to be run in schools and youth groups but they can also be run with individual young people in mentoring settings.

Sportsmanship: This activity helps participants learn about sportsmanship and consider how they can demonstrate good sportsmanship whether they are playing sports, at school, home or work.

The Price of Poverty: This activity teaches participants about poverty in developed countries. It encourages young people to create and advocate for solutions to poverty.

Positive Connections: This activity helps participants recognise the power of association. Young people will learn about the power of the mind and think about how to keep their brain healthy and active.

Superheros: This activity encourages participants to identify real and positive role models in their circle of influence. It encourages young people to serve and protect their community.

Failing Forward: This activity is designed to increase participants understanding of how to face failure and become resilient.

Party On Party Safe: This is a health promotion activity that gives participants the skills and knowledge to be safe at parties.

Belonging To Our Community: This activity raises participant’s cultural awareness and respect for people groups within the community.

Ready, Steady, Recall: This activity helps participants develop their memory, observation and conflict resolution skills.

Health and Wellness: This is a health promotion activity that introduces participants to the dimensions of wellness using group discussion and collaboration.

Current Affairs: This activity helps participants learn about Current Affairs and think about how they can be active global citizens.


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Conditions of download: This resource has been developed to be used widely by youth organisations, schools and community groups. It is a condition of sale that you do not share the resource with other organisations.